There are certain guys that have an extra strand in their DNA. Literally a “fishy” gene. Trompas is one of the few—the 45 and 2.
Brandon Hayward, editor/associate publisher The Bight

Natural talent, a killer Cabo 216 and the proven know-how to connect time and again. Greg is hands down one of my favorite guys to fish with and I recommend him to anyone looking for the ultimate skiff experience.
Duane “Diego” Mellor, Captain 25’ Seasons Sportfishing

Greg keeps my fishing skills sharp and I constantly learn new things on every trip. He allows me to run my business and jump on the latest hot bite without skipping a beat. Private charters take your fish-ability to the next level.
Keith Humes, CEO Rosemont Media and Owner/Captain “Elle J” 28 Regulator