The year got off to a great start with a nice volume of fat, healthy yellowtail at the Coronado Islands to go along with some great halibut fishing close to home for those who knew where to look. January was great but February was epic. A spectacular week of halibut fishing with fish in to the low 30 pound range started off the month and a lack of yellowtail at the islands led us to explore closer to home. The school we had been playing with from pre-Thanksgiving to Christmas found us again in full force, with some of the best wintertime yoyo fishing I have ever seen locally. A phenomenal two week stretch was filled with good friends, beautiful weather, flat grease calm seas, bellowing laughs and a steady dose of 30-plus pound homeguard yellowtail eating the heavy metal lure. It was indeed a fabulous February. Don’t miss out on a marvelous March.